Well then.

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Again, it’s been a while. With all the events of summer, band Practice, gigs, rcording work, etc., i pretty much forgot this existed for a while. So, a quarter of a year later, i return. I’m living in Glassboro now, renting a house, so i can practice a lot over the summer, and so i can live off campus for the next year at Rowan. Should be fun ,as now for the first time i get to cook my own food. Yay no more overcooked student center meals!

The Creeptones’ Cd was released the day before my birthday, with pretty much no warning from our record company. So it was a nice birthday present to open up the ol’ e-mail and see “hey guys, Guess what? We’re putting out your Cd. Right now. It’s going to iTunes and Spotify as we speak….97….98…..99……….. aaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND……. it’s done. Congrats, your CD is out!”

I’m paraphrasing of course, but nonetheless, a great achievement at last.

Time to go work on the next one.



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Well a lot has happened over the past… Dang has it been more than a Month?!?! Crazy.

I’ve been extremely busy. My Track “Waterfall” that was set to be pressed to Vinyl in the UK by Fruits de Mer Records was played n the BBC twice, once paired with some flattering comments on my rendition.

Well, they arrived today!

No Matter what, this day is now awesome!!!I plan on stealing the Percussion Radiomatic (which has a Turntable) later to listen to it!

Men while in percussion world, I’m preparing juries, which is fun! Except, i also have to do all the other work for my non-music classes, which takes away from my practice time, which is REALLY ANNOYING. It seems i’ll never have all the practice time i wish i could have. Oh well.

The longer this post goes on, the less practice time i have, so i’ll end it here.

Spring Break

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Well, as expected, the second performance of the Karel Husa Percussion Concerto 5 days ago went much better than the first.

Now, i’m away from school on spring break, at home in Toms river for band practice with the Creeptones. I’ll be going back Thursday, which is in two days. Yea ,i kinda missed out on my reporting duties until quite late in the break….

Oh well, it’s been fun! The band wrote, and more importantly, LEARNED, three new songs. I say learned more importantly because, while we’ve written a huge library of music already…

Creeptone Written Songs List

A list of all the songs the creeptones have written...

…learning them at an equal rate has seemed to be a problem.

Oh well, at least we don’t have to worry about writer’s block for a while!

I look forward to returning to Rowan soon! If not for the band, i would never leave!

Recent Performances

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Now, with the first performance of the Karel Husa Concerto Down, and my performance of “True Colours” on the Departmental recital today, i can focus finally more on Merlin and the Marimba Piece I’m writing. I’ll post a video of the Husa after the second performance, there was some serious cerebral flatulence occurring at times in the first performance….


Check back after March 8th!


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Last week, i was given the Marimba Piece “Merlin” to work on:

This is going to be the most fun thing i’ve played!


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I have lots to work on! I’m playing Timpani in wind Ensemble, Vibraphone in Mudra by Bob Becker, Guitar in an instrumental metal track called “Olympia Pt. 2: The Rise of Thanatos” for one of my friend’s senior ┬árecitals, on top of my regular percussion stuff: “True Colours by John Thrower, the Tchaikovski Symphony 4 timpani part, and i’m now up to Etude 7 in the Delecluse Etude book.

Time to Work.


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Well, i am now back at Rowan. GI got back Sunday, and have done alot of Practice / Cleaning, which is why i’m just getting around to Telling you about it now. Anyway, my 20.5 credit semester has started, though it doesn’t seem that bad so far. Only one non-music class, so it should be a pretty enjoyable semester.

With lots of practice time… like right now!