Posted: November 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

Pasic was SO FUN….

......sooooo many cymbals that i want....

….. but as soon as pasic got over, it was work time. LOTS of work time. Writing a 53- page paper and a 10-minute speechon top of keeping up with practicing music for the percussion ensemble concert last monday monday and small group concert last Tuesday work time.

But now it’s the short thanksgiving break, and it’s very welcome.

…because as soon as i go back i have a recording session Sunday night, and i have to mix it for the next day, along with a recording from last week. Then, i have to write 3 essays for Wednesday, practice for the Wind Ensemble concert thursday, and prepare to go continue working on the Creeptone’s first CD at the Barbershop Studios next weekend…

My head is about to explode…. and i’m probably gonna get Dean’s “Fire” speech again soon…

only Rowan percussionists know what that is.

Well, time to get cracking then…


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